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The CRIUS®4.0 is the first water analyzer controller to use MQTT as the communications protocol for remote access. This Internet of Things communications protocol (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) allows very small packets of data to be transferred very frequently. When coupled with the power of the CRIUS®4.0 this allows for the display of LIVE DATA either in Control InSite or in its sister product Data InSite® (please click here for more information).

Using MQTT means that communication with the CRIUS®4.0 is quick, inexpensive, reliable and secure. The two way remote access is achieved by using a customers LAN (local area network) or by using an optional in-built 3G or 4G modem that can use any data enabled sim card.

Setup is easy and largely pre-configured meaning that as soon as the power is on the CRIUS®4.0 can be configured remotely.

Control InSite gives the user three unrivaled benefits:

  • Live Data – The frequency of communication that MQTT allows means that the data you are looking at is effectively live. The size of the packets mean that there is no increased data overhead so the costs are effectively the same or lower than other communications protocols that can’t provide live data.
  • Security – MQTT has security built in with data encryption as standard.
  • Flexibility – The way the communications works is that the CRIUS®4.0 is in communication to a cloud based “broker”. It is then possible for other cloud based services to “subscribe” to the data of that CRIUS®4.0. This means that at the same time the CRIUS®4.0 is talking to Control InSite, it can be talking to a data storage and reporting portal like Data InSite® from Pi or another proprietary portal.
Control InSite provides remote access over LAN or Modem to Pi’s water quality controllers and offers a number of benefits to the user over other remote access systems.
  • Cloud based – accessible from any internet enabled device anywhere in the world
  • Accessed via any browser – no software or app to install
  • Live data – never have to wait for an update
  • Remote configuration – never have to return to site to “tweak” configuration
  • Remote process optimization – alter setpoints, PID settings, alarms and alerts without getting in your car
  • Share connections – work with others remotely, for both you and the site
  • Full access to everything on the analyzer – no restrictions on what is accessible on remote access
  • Free – Control InSite from Pi is a fully functional, extremely capable remote access and once the hardware has been installed it is free to use.


MQTT is a communications protocol initially used to transfer data to and from satellites. It has been adopted by the Internet of Things as the standard communications protocol for Industry 4.0 as it allows for the transfer of data with very small packet sizes thereby keeping costs down on mobile data transfer.

Remote access is a term that means the ability to “talk” to an analyzer or device when you are remote from it (not in front of it). A good remote access solution such as Control InSite allows a user to;

  • Remotely set up the analyzer
  • Download and analyze data
  • Remotely troubleshoot any issues
Control InSite is Process Instruments’ remote access solution for the CRIUS®4.0 water quality controller. It is cloud based and utilizes MQTT communications.
An internet connection for the CRIUS®4.0. This can be via an internet 4G modem or via a LAN connection on the CRIUS®4.0.
No. Any data enabled SIM card will work with the modem in the CRIUS®4.0 controller.

Yes. Contact Pi and one of the team will happily show you the Remote  Access over a Zoom or Teams call.

Nothing! When you buy the hardware, you get access to Control InSite for free!

Data InSite® is a sister product to Control InSite and allows for the automatic collection of compliance and other data with automatic online reporting.

Data InSite® is a subscription based service with monthly or annual payment plans based on the number of data streams connected and the number of users.

The security of data is one of the reasons for using the MQTT communications protocol as it is encrypted data.

Yes. You would need to do some industry standard MQTT integration but then the data would be available to your application.

Yes. Data InSite® can take data via HTML, MQTT, .csv and manually. If you have data in another format, please contact Pi to discuss.


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